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Funeral Homes December 21, 2016

Why Family Owned Funeral Homes Matter

When choosing a funeral it is important to consider how convenient the funeral home is to the family. When we say convenient we are not just talking about proximity to the family’s location but flexibility in making accommodations for the family. A huge factor that contributes to the flexibility of the funeral home is whether or not the the business is owned by a local family or run by a large corporation. There is a difference and it can affect your wants being satisfied.

Over the past twenty years publicly-owned corporations have been rearing their heads in the funeral industry. They are on a mission to consolidate the funeral business under the guides of making things easier and more affordable for families. It has become quite clear that families are letting these corporations know that bigger is not always better. Corporate- owned funeral homes have repeatedly failed to give the personalized service that is expected and received from smaller family owned funeral homes. Due to this the industry is going back to it family owned roots.

The benefit of family owned funeral homes is they have been in their communities for decades. This presence gives them a clear first hand understanding of the needs of that community. When dealing with such a crucial event as a funeral it is important for these families to have a Funeral Director whom they trust and know. Having direct relationship makes a world of difference. Families can also expect to receive superior professionalism that only generations of work can develope. Family owned funeral homes strive to give personal customized attention. They do not run on cookie cutter corporate agendas. They also have the availability to give families the added caring and follow-up needed after the funeral is over.

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