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For many of us if we are honest optimism was learned and if we are really honest it is still being learned. As humans, we tend to be pessimistic by nature. It’s a protective thing, how can we be disappointed if we are already expecting and experiencing the worse. We often won’t take a turn down the path of optimism until life drops some stark truth into our minds. For example, while you are in the middle of a major rant, some wise soul could say “You know when you die none of that will matter.” A statement like that said at just the right moment could stop you in your tracks. One day whether you like it or not you will die.

When death comes all this stuff that you stressed about, freaked out about, and complained about won’t matter. The stuff that was overlooked like “What is going to happen to my loved ones when I die?” will matter. Luckily for each of us we can make sure our loved ones continue on an optimistic path while grieving by pre-planning funeral arrangements. We can’t always help the grief experienced from a passing but we can prevent a financial crisis. By ignoring end-of-life planning, you will give away your say in the most crucial decisions that must be made. This leaves your responsibilities in the hands of grieving emotional relatives.

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